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Annual Exhibition (2019) Themed Print and Themed PDI Section Themes

24 August 2017

As already noted, the 2017–2018 season sees The Society move, away from themed sections in the Photographer of the Year heats, to entries of 6 images (1 representing each theme) in the Annual Exhibition. The same themes apply to both Themed Print and Themed PDI sections and each author may make up to 2 complete entries in each section.

Assuming the steps taken, at the 2017 AGM, to manage the volume of POY entries work and are proved necessary – and that the themed sets of 6 images sections in the 2018 Annual Exhibition are well supported and go to plan – the following themes will apply for these sets in the 2019 Annual Exhibition:

• Food
• Hands
• Horticulture
• Minimalist
• Mood
• Roadscapes

While authors are free to explore any ideas these themes invoke for them, it is worth noting that the Annual Exhibition judge will take into account how well they believe the author has interpreted the brief. As such, subtle and fringe interpretations may not fare as well in judging as obvious ones – even where the less obvious image would have won in an open section. Having said that, more obvious interpretations may suggest themselves to multiple authors, so, try to be creative.

For those struggling to interpret these catchy theme titles, the following non-prescriptive and non-exhaustive definitions may help.

We're not talking about snapping your restaurant meal to post on social media here and nor does this image need to be the sort of thing your see used in cook books, advertising for restaurants or supermarkets, or the final shot before the judges (of certain well known cooking programmes) tuck in. Images of food could just as easily encompass ingredients, preparation, and enjoyment of food, as well as the classic presentation short.

You don't necessarily need a hand model and fine jewellery for this image, nor do you need to worry about the rest of the model: hands with character and hands doing things are both fair game for this theme.

The word horticulture is a combination of two Latin words 'hortus' (garden) and 'cultura' (cultivation); while agriculture replaces 'hortus' with 'ager' (field). Horticulture is therefore practiced on a smaller scale, in more enclosed plots, than agriculture – and is more likely to promote biodiversity and ecological succession. Horticulture deals with the art, science, technology, and business of growing plants, as well as the study of plants, plant conservation, landscape restoration, landscape and garden design, construction, and maintenance, and includes multiple sub-groups – which cover the cultivation of fruits, herbs, nuts, mushrooms, seeds, sprouts, vegetables, and even seaweeds, along with non-food crops such as algae, flowers, grass, ornamental plants and trees, and medicinal plants. So, 'the world's your oyster', oh wait, that would count as animal husbandry wouldn't it?

In visual arts, and other mediums, minimalism is a style that uses pared-down design elements – basically, like this definition, less is more.

Whether capturing the subject's mood or attempting to evoke a mood in the viewer, we're not just talking about capturing a pretty (or technically challenging) picture here – it's time to dig deep and find your emotional side, or even to get poetic.

Landscapes are predominantly natural or rural and cityscapes tend to be grand vistas of urban sprawl and epic architecture. So what exactly are roadscapes then? For this theme you should be thinking of cityscapes on a local and more personal or intimate scale; not so much a scene within which you might find the haunts (including homes and workplaces) of hundreds of thousands of strangers, as one that could hide one's local haunts or those of friends and neighbours.

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