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Most of the Society's activities take place on Monday evenings and are open to members, prospective members, and non-members interested in a single event.

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The Society

Newark & District Photographic Society has existed to promote and provide support for Amateur Photography in and around Newark-on-Trent, Nottinghamshire, England since 1938.

A keen group of photographers, we meet weekly between September and April to hear guest speakers talk on their photographic techniques & experiences, and to receive constructive criticism of our own work.

This website was created to allow parties interested in photography both locally and further afield to see what we do. You will find contact details, news, reminders of upcoming events and competition deadlines, our current programme, society and competition rules, guidelines for nature competitions, preparation guides for print and projected digital image competitions, and several galleries of members' work.

All correspondence should be emailed to the relevant contact or posted to the Hon. General Secretary: Newark & District Photographic Society, c/o 104b North Gate, Newark, Nottinghamshire, NG24 1HF.

Latest News

Data Protection Policy


Please be aware that, with the Data Protection Act 2018 (DPA 2018) and European Union General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) coming into force this year, The Society has had to overhaul its Data Protection Policy. Although extensively rewritten, The Society's policy remains substantively the same as before and The Society remains committed to maintaining your trust and privacy.

Results of the 2018 AGM


The 2018 AGM was attended by 34 of The Society's 70 members; the following decisions were made:

Proposal #1 – To make changes to the Society Rules allow, under exception circumstances, General Meetings to be held without members having to meet in person.
—carried by a vote of 33 for, with 1 abstention.

Proposal #2 – To make changes to the General Competition Rules to allow the Committee to vary competition rules without recourse to a General Meeting.

This proposal was amended to read:
"The Committee may modify any competition rule without recourse to a General Meeting, provided the change is communicated to the membership at least 42 days in advance of coming into effect in order to allow members to consider the change and, if necessary, request an EGM to modify the change."
—carried by a vote of 30 for, 2 against, with 2 abstentions.

Proposal #3 – To make changes to the Annual Exhibition Rules and Photographer of the Year Rules to replace the Themed Sets in the Annual Exhibition with Themed Sections in the POY (along with measures to handle volume of entries and the Best All-Rounder calculations).

Members were split over this proposal and could not reach a consensus in the time available. An alternative vote was proposed to give the Themed Sets one more season to prove themselves.
—proposal to defer for 1 year carried by a vote of 28 for, 1 against, with 4 abstentions and 1 member having had to leave.
—original proposal abandoned in light of vote to defer for 1 year.

Proposal #4 – The convening of an Annual Exhibition Rules Review Sub-Committee with the intention of presenting revised rules for ratification by the year's end.
—withdrawn in light of the success of proposals 1 and 2 but with broad support for a review taking placing and the outcome being presented in line with the principles in proposal 2.

The members agreed to remain at the current venue and for subs & fees to remain unaltered.

Vicky Hulme stepped down from Committee while two new members, Simona Rowell and Janine Stanley, were elected – bringing the Committee up to its full complement of 13 members.

Members were advised to expect changes to The Society's website in respect of the proposals above as well as N&EMPF's adoption of the PAGB's new Definition of Nature Photography and the move from the DPA to GDPR.

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