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Data Protection Policy

Newark & District Photographic Society [hereafter referred to as 'N&DPS'] complies with the Data Protection Act 2018, which incorporates the European Union General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), and is a data controller within the UK.

This policy sets out the commitment of N&DPS, including its focus groups, to protecting personal information and how it will implement that commitment with regards to the collection and use of personal information.

What information we hold

N&DPS collects personal information about members, prospective members, and temporary members; parents, guardians, and other adults responsible for members or temporary members under the age of 18; and those offering their services to N&DPS (e.g. competition judges, lecturers, suppliers).

The personal information referred to in this policy may include an individual's name, title, photographic accreditations/affiliations, email address(es), postal address, telephone number(s), conflicting memberships, whether they are under the age of 18 (and, if so, their parent, guardian, or other approved responsible adult), records of entries to competitions (images, their titles, and results), services offered to N&DPS, and any other information that may be necessary for the effective management of the legitimate interests of N&DPS.

N&DPS may also collect non-personal information about members, e.g. contact preferences, permissions to use images (for external competitions, on the N&DPS website, on social media, etc.), expectations from membership, interests, and level of experience.

What we use your personal information for

Personal information is used only for the administration of N&DPS, including its competitions and focus groups, or representing the external interests of its members with their express permission.

N&DPS will use your personal information (if you are, have been, or have expressed interest in being, a member) to contact you by email, phone, or post (in line with your contact preferences) about the activities and running of N&DPS and its focus groups.

If you opt-out of receiving details of the activities and running of N&DPS by email you will only receive details of the N&DPS programme and its general meetings, and contact about your membership or from focus groups you choose to hear from.

N&DPS will use your email address to contact you (in line with your stated interests and contact preferences) about photographic events, competitions, offers, and opportunities available from:

  1. The North & East Midlands Photographic Federation (N&EMPF);
  2. The Photographic Alliance of Great Britain (PAGB);
  3. The Fédération Internationale de l'Art Photographique (FIAP); and
  4. Selected third parties, including other members, where the Committee deems that such information is in accordance with the Society’s objective [see Society Rule 2].

Personal information about those offering services to N&PDS may be used to satisfy any requested service or contractual requirement.

Who has access to your personal information

N&DPS restricts access to your personal information to those Officers the Committee identifies as having a legitimate need for specific purposes.

N&DPS shall not share any individual's personal information with third parties except with the express permission of the individual concerned and for specific purposes agreed (e.g. sharing a member's name, title, photographic accreditations/affiliations, images, and their titles as part of either publishing competition results to the membership or making submissions to external competitions and exhibitions the member wishes to enter or has agreed to be a representative in for N&DPS).

How we store your information

N&DPS stores personal information, in full or in part, securely in digital and hardcopy at locations and in forms approved of and recorded by the Committee, including locations under the direct control of approved officers and secure cloud storage (e.g. as backups, or to facilitate the delivery of online competition entry mechanisms).

How long we hold your information

N&DPS may hold personal information about members, temporary members, and prospective members for up to three years following the latest membership application or enquiry and may hold personal information about parents, guardians, and other adults responsible for members or temporary members under the age of 18 until the individual they are responsible for turns 18 years of age.

N&DPS may retain historical archives of, for example but not limited to, records of work shown at internal and external competitions; permission to use images for external competitions, on the N&DPS website, and on social media; records of meetings, competitions, awards and other event results.

N&DPS may retain personal information about those offering their services to N&DPS both to confirm the outcome and as part of financial records of N&DPS.

Your rights

Any individual wishing to verify, rectify, or request deletion of their personal information held by N&DPS may apply to the Membership Secretary (or Hon. General Secretary in the case of service providers) in writing at the email address provided on the About Us page of the N&DPS website and in the current programme, or by handing their request to the Membership Secretary, Hon. General Secretary, or President at any meeting.

Requests for deletion apply to personal information currently held but shall not affect personal information stored in historical archives or records of services delivered.

You have the right to ask us not to contact you by email about the activities and running of N&DPS and its focus groups; photographic events, competitions, offers, and opportunities available from N&EMPF, PAGB, or FIAP; or photographic events, competitions, offers, and opportunities available from third parties. This can be done either in writing or by emailing a request, confirming your name and which emails you wish to stop receiving, to the email-opt-out email address.

Opting out from emails about the activities and running of N&DPS and its focus groups will not affect the emails you receive from any Focus Groups you have provided your details to independently but the Officials of each Focus Group will be informed of your preference change and those groups to which you belong will contact you independently to confirm whether you wish to continue receiving their emails.

Personal information in images and other media

Image and DAV sequence files may contain metadata including personal information (including but not limited to the author, their contact details, camera model, camera serial number, and GPS coordinates of the location where the photograph was taken). In transferring media files to N&DPS, via the online mechanisms, email or other means, you consent to the storage and publication (where granted) of any information along with the image content, and you agree to remove any personal information prior to transfer if it desired that this should not be stored with the files (or made available to others in the case of approved external use).

You need to obtain any necessary consent from photographic subjects prior to transfer to N&DPS and agree that all consent and permissions granted by you apply to the media file, its graphical contents, and associated metadata. 'Artistic purposes' may be acceptable grounds to exempt you from requiring the consent of photographic subjects to use images containing their recognisable likeness. You must make the Committee aware immediately if the use of an image is at any time contested.

For certain competitions and events, other clubs and societies may transfer media files to the Society via the online mechanisms, email or other means. In cases where you are a representative of the third party and you are transferring files on behalf of other members of your organisation, you further agree that you have obtained all necessary consents from the authors of the works being submitted.

Protecting yourself online

The N&DPS website, Facebook page and group, or emails N&DPS send may contain links to the websites of affiliated organisations or third parties. If you follow a link to any of these websites please note that these websites will have their own Data Protection or Privacy policies and that N&DPS cannot accept any responsibility or liability for these policies. Please check the appropriate policies before submitting personal information to any website.

What are Cookies and what Cookies do we use on our website

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Session Cookies

These cookies are required for the core site functionality of identifying a visitor who has logged-in to administer the website. They are automatically enabled when you use this site but cannot be used to identify visitors returning after twenty minutes away from the site or to reveal a visitor's identify to any other website. Visitors who are not administering the website may change their browser settings to block these cookies, without any noticeable effect, if they so wish.

Facebook Cookies

The N&DPS website home page displays Facebook posts directly from Facebook without seeing them itself. In order to allow viewers to like, comment on, or share posts, Facebook may check for its own cookies to see whether you are currently logged-in, or ask you to log-in and deliver their own cookies to keep you logged-in until you choose to log-out. The N&DPS website does not have access to these cookies, or to the personal information that Facebook may hold on you, and does not need you to accept these cookies to function.