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FIAP/PSA Nature Definition

30 September 2021

A new definition to come into effect from the 1st of January 2022 has been announced for events with FIAP or PSA patronage. Although not yet been found on the FIAP website, there is no reason to doubt the claims of dual body support made on the PSA website and in the October 1st issue of the PAGB e-news.

The Society is comparing the existing and new definitions with a view to providing advice but here are some key points:
1. A broader range of subjects continue to be allowed than under the PAGB definition, albeit with greater restrictions on inclusion of objects created by humans unless a necessary part of the story;
2. This definition remains more restrictive than the PAGB's in terms of what are considered allowable edits—now specifically barring the application of a vignette or background blur during post processing;
3. Clauses have been added that exclude images that show activity that threatens the life or welfare of living organisms and that bar the controlling of subjects by chilling, anaesthetic, or restricting natural movement;
4. Stitched images are now allowed, provided the component images have overlapping fields of view and have been taken consecutively.
5. The eligibility for Wildlife awards has been further tightened and now exclude botanical organisms removed from their natural environment for the purpose of photography or any images staged for the purpose of photography.

Further guidance shall be made available in due course.

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