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Paul King

I joined the then Newark Photographic Society in 1976, after going to an evening class for Photography, learning basic camera and darkroom skills. Joined the committee in 1978 and was involved as Treasurer for many years.

A keen interest in photography for more than 40 years, first camera was an Ilford Sportsman, this was followed by a succession of film cameras, a Periflex Goldstar, Pentax Spotmatic, Mamiya DSX500, Canon A1, Canon T90, and finally a Canon EOS1N. Stayed with Canon and moved over to digital, starting with a Canon 10D and now use a Canon 5D.

Started shooting monochrome film and colour transparency, eventually dropped monochrome and moved on to producing Cibachrome prints from transparencies. Now fully digital and enjoy being creative with PhotoShop.

Have won almost every trophy in the Annual Exhibition, and been Photographer of the Year many times for Colour Prints, Colour Transparency and Natural History Transparency. Also had some success in national and international exhibitions.

I enjoy all kinds of photography, landscape, candid portraits, nature, travel, cities, etc, etc.

Copyright of all Photographs belong to the named individuals who have granted limited usage rights to Newark & District Photographic Society.

The Workhouse Classroom by Paul King

The Workhouse Classroom

© Paul King

Yellow Tang by Paul King

Yellow Tang

© Paul King

Lady of the Manor by Paul King

Lady of the Manor

© Paul King

Balconies by Paul King


© Paul King

Graveyard Goth by Paul King

Graveyard Goth

© Paul King

Legs Eleven by Paul King

Legs Eleven

© Paul King

The Patio by Paul King

The Patio

© Paul King

Waiting in the Rain by Paul King

Waiting in the Rain

© Paul King

Groyne by Paul King


© Paul King

Dahlia by Paul King


© Paul King

G and T, ice and a slice by Paul King

G and T, ice and a slice

© Paul King